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The founders come from a humble village background. His vision to strengthen and empower farmers and livestock owners has resulted in the origin of
Their vision and spirit complement an equally capable, energetic and aware team.

About Kisan Solutions

Kisan Solutions is an online marketplace established with an aim to strengthen the livestock and agriculture economy of the country. It helps the livestock enterprises/self-employed/agriculturist to achieve their full potential while ensuring well being.

it offers:
Supply of all the necessary items related to animal husbandry to the livestock owners.

Supply of essential commodities related to agriculture to the farmers.

The supply of essential commodities related to household household has been made available to the farmers and livestock farmers at a much cheaper price than the market price.

Animal husbandry and agriculture are an integral part of the Indian economic, cultural and social system.

India has a vast livestock resource, which contributes to 4.11% of India’s GDP and 25.6% of the total agricultural GDP. Cattle have always played a vital role in sustaining the agricultural system by providing vital inputs such as manure and draft power. For a large part of rural India, animal husbandry, providing a steady income, is essential for survival. Farm animals also create a large number of jobs and small/ancillary business opportunities.
Takes advantage of the advanced technology penetration of Internet users and employees. Ecosystem is an effort to help increase the contribution of animal husbandry and agriculture to the lives of individuals, entrepreneurs and the nation.