About Us

Takes advantage of the advanced technology penetration of Internet users and employees. Ecosystem is an effort to help increase the contribution of animal husbandry and agriculture to the lives of individuals, entrepreneurs and the nation.
Livestock Provide
Income (Primary or Secondary), Employment, Food, Social Security, Draft and Consumable/Non-consumable products of commercial relevance.

Livestock market in India is highly unorganized and distributed. Purchase is mostly done through traditional channels like, fairs, word of mouth, brokers, etc. There exists a vast information disparity and price arbitrage resulting into uneven distribution of superior breeds – in consequence yield to a livestock owner varies vastly. Access to quality and affordable livestock services is affected by many factors including lack of quality service providers, physical distances, price parity, information and socio-cultural barriers.

kisansolutions.com is an all-inclusive ecosystem that offers innovative business models to unlock the value and income generating potential from livestock. It leverages the penetration of Internet users and employees advance technology to enhance value to all the stakeholders. The ecosystem is an effort to help grow contribution of livestock in lives of individuals, entrepreneurs and nation as a whole.